Noah - St Paul - Behind the Door

Photo taken in St Paul, France 2007

“The Boy” as we call him, is really starting to shape his personality. Personality at this age means, he is starting to find out when is a good time to scream at you.

In essence, he is becoming a bit of a character. He’s a bit of a Mummy’s boy, and likes to follow her around the house. He loves making these annoying loud moans when Rikke is not giving him 100% of her attention. No, he is not acting under my instructions. Yes, its rather funny for me to watch.

Right now here are a few top items;

Top 3 things we love about him right now

1. He kisses you. If you say “Muah” to him, he’ll do the same thing, moving those lips into position and laying one right on you.

2. He’s found his favorite spot in the house. Its the blue baby sofa seat, right infront of the TV, while the video of his choice is rolling.

3. This dude gives you the best hugs you’ll ever get from any little ape.

Top 3 things we need to fix

1. He loves to throw his food on the ground.

2. Screaming at 2am

3. Breakdancing on the change table