Mogge Stensballe Mogge & Llewellyn Paa gensyn

Some news hits you harder than you expect.

In 1993, I adopted new Grandparents. In my first trip to Denmark with Rikke, we had a day set aside to spend with Alice and Mogge. I still remember looking up and seeing a friendly wave from both of them high up on the 5th as we buzzed at the entrance door below. That day was to be a most memorable and magic day that Mogge showed me his Copenhagen, walking past there old homes throughout the city.

Even at our last encounter in July 2007, he recalled details of that day that I had long forgotten. On that day in 1993, we walked for some 3 hours through the streets, the botanical gardens and past the Palace and I was struggling at times to keep up at times.

I truly hope I have a profound connection with my grandchildren, and be lucky enough like Mogge to meet my great grandchildren.

I recently was given the great honor of being pictured with him on the invitations to his 90th birthday. The photo was of me and him standing by a big sand sculpture (From 2005). The people who didn’t know who I was thought I was an Egyptian archaeologist.

We have this fridge magnet that reads “We do not remember days… we remember moments.”. And that’s true I can’t remember the exact dates, but what I remember are those moments in time. Thanks Mogge.

Mogge & Noah

My thoughts and prayers are with Alice and the rest of the family.