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December has been a busy month. With Rikke and the kids leaving me at “Home Alone” over the Christmas and New Year break, December became a bit more manic. To also top things off things are that much more manic with an 18month old who just isn’t sure what will make him happy.

With Rikke and the Kids away, I’ve had time to catch up on a few things (Including adding to this blog site), as well as planning for 2008. For the family, its another busy year almost over. Llewellyn got an impressive school report (Still don’t know where she gets the brains from), and Noah has earn’t himself a new nickname, “The Noise”. There is definately a difference between the girls and boys at this age, and some of those cliche’s ring true. Basically in our experience we can now say that the girls do develop a lot quicker at the 18month stage than the boys.

December has been a bit of a “music” revival for me, with working with artist Tavoi again (on live audio), launching the Music Producers Forum (First meeting was on 4 December) and singing for the 70’s R&B band, the Loungephonics, who are a bunch of “cats” who have been studying at the Conservatorium of music. Also, young R&B artist Calvin and “Entourage” came around for a quick catch up and loose rehearsal. We’ll be working on some projects with this young man, stay tuned. It looks like the music business will keep me a bit busier in 2008.

Anyway, due to Christmas festivities, I’ve eaten a bit too much over the last couple of days, so I will get that mountain bike out and terrorist the local motorists.

I wish you all a fantastic New Year, and may 2008 be successful year for all.