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Pentax K100DHaving my digital SLR stolen nearly 2 weeks ago, makes me feel like a part of me just is not around. The replacement camera is the K100D which is just about to be superseded (Pictured left). It is a more current version of the camera that got stolen so that is some consolation.

Until the new camera arrives, I go through life watching the world go by, and thinking, “Gee, that would make a great shot….”.


Australian media almost shot 16 year old Corey Delaney to fame with the coverage of his party that got a bit out of hand. I couldn’t believe this interview was aired, as Corey almost makes a fool out of A Current Affair.
He’s now had numerous other TV interview, radio and splashed over just about every tabloid over the infamous party.
Maybe this kid does have a future in event organising?

Heres a good collection of links on the site

Yesterday we lost a large amount of belongings from a break-in. A warning to all that the break-in season is still upon us.

Rikke came home early from work to find herself disturbing an intruder in the process of ransacking our home. She even communicated with him when she asked through the broken glass on the door “Is anybody there?”. She thought I had done something to break the glass on the front door. The horrific shock came for Rikke, when the door opened and a reply came “No, there’s no one here”, then slamming in her face.
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