Yesterday we lost a large amount of belongings from a break-in. A warning to all that the break-in season is still upon us.

Rikke came home early from work to find herself disturbing an intruder in the process of ransacking our home. She even communicated with him when she asked through the broken glass on the door “Is anybody there?”. She thought I had done something to break the glass on the front door. The horrific shock came for Rikke, when the door opened and a reply came “No, there’s no one here”, then slamming in her face.

An immediate a quick dash to the neighbours followed and a call to the police, but alas the theif(ves) made a get away with computers, cameras, jewellery, some music equipment and more. The police response was relatively swift, but the chase was futile. Some half dozen patrol cars were deployed, a sniffer dog followed by forensics for fingerprinting. It is break-in season, with one of the officers telling me that there are around a dozen breakins a day in their area alone.

The scenario has run through my mind a hundred times, 16 hours since the incident. What if Rikke had taken the usual back door to come in, (After depositing junk mail in the recycle bin in the back yard). She would have had a full frontal run in with the intruder, with no physical barriers between them. The intruder was a man of large stature, and most likely under the influence of a drug addiction, and a physical contest would have been quickly decided.

From Rikke’s point of view, she did not know where I or our daughter was. I had left the mobile (Now stolen) at home as I was on school holiday duty with our daughter and a few other kids at the movies. Our 11:30am session was full so we defferred to the 1:30pm session. Without a phone, I didn’t get to communicate to Rikke the changes, so from her side one of the potential scenarios at the time was that both me and my daughter were in the apartment with the intruder.

Apart from some of the photos, and the odd file, everything is replacable. And for that matter there are still opportunities to take more photos, and recreate some of the files. With facilities like Gmail and Foxmarks, I had email and all bookmarks as if it were on my laptop, set up within 5 minutes.

Through this unfortunate incident, we are still incredibly lucky that none of us was harmed or killed for that matter, both are possible outcomes. We just need to rebuild our environment, replace our belongings and help Rikke through the trauma of her experience.

I just have to remind myself again how fortunate we are.