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Last night we had a relatively late one, down at the local beach club. I can’t imagine more perfect way to spend a summer afternoon. The water was a sensational 22 degrees, the kids found other kids to swim, run around in the sand and just generally goof off with.

2008 just didn’t kick off with a positive “bang”, starting with losing an Aunty (Mama Julie) then having a break in half way through January. Now that nearly everything has been replaced, I feel that I can start the year now, with more than my quota of bad karma out of the way. By the way, if you don’t have home contents insurance… I’d recommend you arrange it asap. It certainly takes some of the sting out of the pain.

So with the new and ever so slightly improved digital SLR, one of my creative passions is being release again (Hoo freakin’ ray!). At the beach club yesterday, I caught the magic hour and a few snaps of Noah and Gab, my good friend Fabian’s 5 year old son.

imgp0257_resize.jpg imgp0242_resize.jpg imgp0244_resize.jpg imgp0273_resize.jpg