Jomar’s standard photo 2007Born in the Philippines in 1968, Jomar was imported into Australia a year later.

Sydney is his main home town, but he has also lived abroad, in Denmark between 1996 and 1999. It is in this time he became fluent in Danish, with a good understanding of Norwegian and Swedish.

Whilst Jomar’s main profession is marketing and business development in media industries, he is also an active photographer, music producer and performer. In 2006 Jomar founded GrooveIP a Brand that focuses on music production, performance and soon distribution.

His professional career spans from working his way through IBM Australia, Restaurant Management, Music performances, ACNielsen, ComDex and having a key role in creation and development of the Digital Media Festival brand, as a part of the Digital Media World magazine.

The biggest and most rewarding project is still underway. Jomar’s centre of the universe is the family he and his wife Rikke have created.