Llewellyn, Europe Summer 07a Avignon Bar

I’ve always had a facination with capturing images, ever since can remember. My father took excellent photographs, and the ‘slide show’ nights are some of my best childhood memories. I suppose that this was the foundation of my early inspirations of photography. Through high school, the darkroom was the most fascinating part of my education. The smell of the chemicals, Ilford paper and seeing that image magically appear when the two were combined, these memories are etched in my mind. What that crazy art teacher taught has stuck with me. Composition, lighting, colour and subject matter.

I love to capture the moments, as they are, how I experienced them in their unguarded form. A child with hair uncombed and their shirts not tucked in doing what they love, will ultimately become an image that will for years down the track remind those of the true nature of the subject.

Any good artform tells a story, and the simplest of pictures should state those 1,000 words. Photography is just another artform, but to me the same rules apply. It’s not about the tools, the camera or the technology.

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